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Craig, James (IT)
2004-11-09, 03:22
I am no expert in this area but I think you may find it tricky.
I believe in the current implementation (ie without a database backend)
only the SlimServer itself and plugins can directly query the track

Therefore the route people seem to take is using the XML skin to gather
information from SlimServer?


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Thanx for your answer.
I am currently writing a Java Remote Control to better gather playlists
in SlimServer, and could not yet find a way to query SlimServer as of
its Database.
Could you give me a tip or a link?

Craig, James (IT) wrote:

>I should have said, shouldn't I?
>No there isn't a home page as such - here's a snippet of the readme
>that comes in the .zip archive;
>iTunes Update is a SlimServer plug-in to update your iTunes database
>with Slimserver client listening data, user ratings and playlists.
>- When a track is determined to have been 'played', the iTunes
>and last played fields are updated.
>This is decided by 3 variables - minimum listen time (default 5s),
>percentage listen time (default 50%) and maximum listen time (default
>minutes). These settings can be modified in the iTunesUpdate.pm code.
>For some reason (buffering perhaps) it's very unlikely that a full 100%
>of time is ever registered,
>so don't set the % too high (This is particularly noticable on very
>short tracks).
>- iTunes rating from the client.
>When on the 'now playing' screen the keys 1-5 and 0 can be used to
>provide a rating for the track currently playing (0 being no stars in
>iTunes). When the current track changes the rating will be written to
>iTunes (even if it wasn't listened to long enough to qualify as a
>'play'). Tracks can be re-rated as many times as you like before
>written to iTunes.
>- write SlimServer client playlists to iTunes
>When on the 'now playing' screen holding down the play key will write
>the current client playlist to iTunes.
>It will be named the same as the client and appended with the current
>date and time.
>This can take a while so be careful not to activate this multiple
>- Windows is the only currently supported iTunes platform.
> (appleScript commands for Mac are printed to the log but not
>executed as they've never been tested)
>- There are two modes of operation, which can be changed from
>(Server Settings - Plugins)
> 1. Direct update to iTunes (default configuration on Windows/Mac
> Slimserver must be running on the same host as iTunes is
> (iTunes does not need to be running before SLimserver -
>it will be started when necessary)
> Updates are performed direct to iTunes in real-time.
> 2. Indirect update to iTunes (any Slimserver platform, default
>on unix)
> iTunesUpdate logs play history and ratings to a file in
>the playlist directory (default: iTunesUpdate_hist).
> The standalone program iTunesUpdateWin.pl can process
>this file and apply the updates.
> (iTunesUpdateWin.pl requires perl library Win32::OLE and
>must be run on the Windows iTunes host)
> Note: Saving of playlists is not available in this mode
>of operation.
>- The plugin will NOT work in 'direct update' mode if SlimServer is
>running as a service.
> (Even if it's running as the user with access to iTunes.)
> You need to run SlimServer as the iTunes user by starting
>slim.exe/slimserver.exe or the slimserver.pl script.
>- You need to be running a version of iTunes which supports the OLE
>interface - (4.5 or later.)
>- It can take a while to start iTunes the first time it's accessed.
>Saving long playlists to iTunes can take a while. These actions may
>cause a pause in playback.
>- Because SlimServer caches the MP3 tags, iTunes will not be updated if
>key tags (artist,album, track name) have been changed in iTunes and the
>SlimServer cache hasn't been updated.
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>is there a home page for this plugin, which details what it does aso ?
>Craig, James (IT) wrote:
>>I've just released a new version of my iTunesUpdate plugin, after
>>finding a very stupid bug in it.
>>There are a couple of other changes as well.
>>v0.3 - Ignore 'empty client' commands
>> - fix blank space regexp and code
>> - Remove many log messages
>> - Standardise remaining log messages
>> - Only attempt to log play of files (not streams)
>> - Fixed creation of settings on first run
>> - Add 'show messages' to plugin settings
>>You can download it at
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>does not waive confidentiality or privilege, and use is prohibited.