View Full Version : This is how Microsoft handles "end-of-life"

2012-09-02, 10:36
From Microsoft's website:

6. Why are you defining the Support Lifecycle policy?

Customers have asked Microsoft to be consistent and to demonstrate predictability. The Support Lifecycle policy establishes a clear and predictable policy for product support timelines. The policy helps customers and partners manage their support requirements. The policy also allows both product planning and information technology planning in organizations based on knowledge of the support timelines for Microsoft products.

7. How was the Support Lifecycle policy developed?

Microsoft worked closely with Microsoft product teams, with customers, with partners, with leading analysts, and with research firms to determine clear and consistent policies.


2012-09-02, 16:15
Good link.
In fact, all reputable IT companies have a policy for product discontinuance, and many provide a transition path and even support (paid for) for 5 - 7 years after discontinuance.