View Full Version : Help... Big time drop outs.

2004-11-08, 21:02
I am using winXP 2nd edition with a linksys wireless router I have the proper ports forwarded. I am not using the winXP firewall.

My signal is great, I checked it with my pda and notebook. It is stable and has high gain antennas installed.

Since I upgraded to SlimServer (5.3.1) I have had nothing but drop outs. It worked PERFECTLY before this upgrade.

the Shoutcast plug-in hogs and I can't play anything using the plug-in before it drops out.

a Shoutcast playlist is a bit better but it still drops out after a few moments.

Playing my mp3 files on my local LAN drops out after a time too.

When I check my players signal strength, I found it fluctuating from 60% to 0 My PDA - right next to it reports steady 65% signal strength and link = Very good.

Is there anyway I can reinstall the previous version? Roll back this install?

Thanks for your help