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Bennett, Gavin (LDN Int)
2004-11-08, 10:01

Have you seend http://www.ntonyx.com/vac_demo.htm it allows you to creat a
virtual loop back from your sound card. If you then use Shoutcast this can
be streamed out as MP3 for SlimServer to pick up.


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> In article <cmmp9j$j15$1 (AT) sea (DOT) gmane.org>, Jim wrote:
> This would require making the Squeezebox a virtual soundcard

I've been using dBpowerAMP (www.dbpoweramp.com) for years and have been
trying to tackle this from a different angle - find something that
would pick up the input to my soundcard and stream it so I can input it
to SlimServer. I've been equally unsuccessful.


Kevin Weller
2004-11-10, 12:14
In article
<F3E3F9BE4012314D893E6FA52E601C496FE973 (AT) sq2kehs01 (DOT) manfinancial.com>,
Gavin (LDN Int) Bennett wrote:
> Have you seen http://www.ntonyx.com/vac_demo.htm
Thanks Gavin, I've downloaded that and Shoutcast and I'll have a play.