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2012-08-16, 19:29
There is something strange going on with the NFL play-by-play channels. I am using the squeezebox app to my Squeezebox Touch. When I tune a NFL station, I am getting baseball. When I try to access the same channel with my iPhone Sirius XM app, I get the right game. Any thoughts? Any way to get the app to re-download channel info?


2012-08-17, 16:48
Looks like we may be back to normal tonight. You weren't the only one to notice this. Some other squeezebox users have been discussing this over at XMFan: http://www.xmfan.com/viewtopic.php?t=118859

2012-08-17, 16:56
Just recognized your ID and realized you are already on the XMFan thread.

2012-08-17, 17:03
Actually found the XM thread after I posted here. I also sent in a support request, but I don't know that this had anything to do with it.

Thanks for the report!

2012-08-17, 17:10
Your support request probably got this fixed...thanks! Scores are showing up correctly onscreen on my squeezebox classic for the MLB games but not the NFL preseason games. Same for you? Maybe they'll show up once we hit the regular season.