View Full Version : Crackling between tracks

2012-08-15, 12:35
I have recently bought a Synology DS212j NAS server and have transferred my music to it from my Mac.

I'm now streaming from the NAS over my wireless network to a Squeezebow receiver into a DAC.

Since using the NAS to distribute I'm getting an annoying crackling at the end and very beginning of each track. Never had it before when streaming direct from Mac. I don't get the crackling when streaming Spotify using the plugin so my guess is it's the NAS itself that's the issue

Has anyone else had this issue or any guesses as to what the issue is?

Your help will be most gratefully received


2012-08-15, 13:38
That's probably because the Synology needs to transcode for the Receiver and maybe it's not fully up to the task.