View Full Version : ALAC on Windows 64 bit vs 32 bit

2012-08-13, 18:49
I just got a new 64 bit Windows 7 PC and installed LMS 7.7.2 (I also have LMS 7.7.2 running on a Windows 32 bit netbook). I decided to use the 64 bit machine as my iTunes library SB server so I converted a bunch of FLAC files from the netbook to ALAC and moved them to the 64 bit machine. However, the only way I can play the ALAC files on my SB Touch or Radio is to transcode it to MP3 (I can't even get it to transcode to FLAC). So out of curiosity I took some of the ALAC files and copied them over to the 32 bit netbook, and to my surprise they played natively. So my question is: are there problems with ALAC files on 64 bit systems (in particularly Windows 7)?