View Full Version : Scrobbling in Australia and other countries not in last.fm's streaming list.

2012-08-11, 17:10
Is there a last.fm scrobbling app that doesn't do streaming?

As Australia isn't in the last.fm country list for streaming, there is a ban on the last.fm app from being used in Australia.
Registering in a different country doesn't work as it seems to detect the IP range and then bans it.

I only want to use the app for scrobbling, so is there one an app that only scrobbles? Third party would be fine.

I already scrobble from PC, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, so there is no restriction for it here.

2012-08-12, 03:40
I'm in South Africa and scrobble fine from here. Also a non-streaming country.

2012-08-12, 08:08
Are you using the server software on the PC? There is builtin plugin that scrobbles? On browse interface go to settings \ advanced \ last.fm audioscrobbler and enter your details there. Then go to the settings of each player and make sure that scrobbling is enabled. It does seem that there is no last.fm app on mysqueezebox, and therefore not available on the player directly.

2012-08-12, 14:34
No, not using the server software. Was hoping for an app for the radio.

2012-08-12, 14:46
Have installed the server. Found the scrobbler settings (on a couple of different tabs) and now have it working.
Thanks, that helped a lot.

Yet another program to remote control the squeezebox.