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2012-08-11, 10:01
Excuse me if I've been out of the loop... I update my server computer pretty infrequently.

I'm an owner of an original Squeezebox from something like 10 years ago. I recently upgraded the hardware in my filserver computer, which also works as the media server for the Squeezebox. It's been 4-6 years since this has last happened, and I don't update software on my server unless it's a security issue, so I'm sure I've missed quite a few versions of the server software. Upon install of the latest version of the server software and pointing my browser to port 9000 on the server, it's asking me to login / register to something.

I've never had to login to anything, and I have some questions regarding this login:

1) Why am I needing to login / what is this doing for me? I didn't see anything explaining this.

2) Will this login be required every time someone tries to access port 9000 on my server? or is this a one time thing? My kids and wife frequently use the web interface from various network enabled devices throughout the house (phone, computer, tablet, etc..) to play music on the Squeezebox, so I need to know if I need to pick a user / pass that a 4 year old can remember or if I need to pick one that's actually secure.

3) If I decide that the old server software suited my needs, and choose not to use this login enabled version, is there an older version of the server software available somewhere? My file server computer is using a debian derivative linux distro.

Thanks for any help,
-- Conc

2012-08-11, 11:39
1) I'm not 100% sure, but I expect this is the login credentials for mysqueezebox.com, the "server in the cloud" associated with Squeezeboxes. It is basically there to provide access to online services -- some paid subscription, some free subscription, some free non-subscription -- such as Pandora, Rhapsody, Last.fm, Slacker, MOG, and so forth. It is also the way "recent" versions (say, starting ~3 years ago) manage the various SB "apps", which is a misnomer. It's also a way to listen to those services even if your local server is turned off. If all you ever want to do is listen to your own music from your own server on your own pc, then you don't need mysqueezebox.com. I'm pretty sure you can back out of the login during setup, or skip over it. For more info, go to www.mysqueezebox.com.

2) it's a one-time thing

3) all officially-released versions of the server software are available at http://downloads.slimdevices.com . If you upgrade/downgrade the server software then it should take care of upgrading/downgrading the SB player firmware to match.