View Full Version : Solving a playlist issue and Raspberry pi

2012-08-10, 04:29
I have had squeezeboxes for years and have intergated them into my house everywhere. From the bathroom to the kitchen. The one thing that i would love to solve is the playlist issue. I currently have a MAC running itunes with a library on a Readynas DUO NAS drive. LMS server is running on that. I create playlists in itunes and i can see them on the squeezeboxes. So you are probably thinking 'well what is the problem'. Well. I am a bit of a perfectionalist and would like to know if therre is anyway of creating a playlist on the squeezeboxes and syncing it back to itunes. So thats my first question. However, i am now considering changing my whole setup, because the ReadyNAS takes a while to populate playlists.
So here is where i need some advice. I have ordered a Raspberry PI and am going to experiment with squeezeplug. I am also considering getting another one to use as a media centre using XBMC. My ideal, perfect setup would be to be able to create playlists from anywhere (squeezebox,pc,xbmc,android) and for them to be available anywhere. I am open to suggestions and am happy to ditch itunes if you can help me solve this problem. Basically I hate the fact that i have to sit in front of my MAC to create a playlist and given that I am considering XBMC i cant imagine that will read itunes playlists anyway so am happy to go back to the drawing board. I also definately want so have the music stored on a remote server so that i dont have to turn on the pc when i want to listen to music ( which is what i currently have ).
Any ideas would be greatfully received.