View Full Version : Problem Playing on new squeezebox

David Long
2004-11-06, 17:55

Just received new squeezebox.

Setup the Slimserver and the squeezebox OK over Wireless.

Initially I was able to play music but even this was intermittant.
Basically I would use the remote to start a song playing. Both the
squeezebox and the server would say it was playing. However the music
counter would stay at 00:00. If I stopped the song on the server and
then pushed play it would mostly start. I could occaisonally cox the
squeezebox into playing the song using the remote - mostly the first
time a song was played after a power-down.

Now even this doesn't work now - the server and the unit both say "Now
playing" and whatever I do, stopping and retarting at the unit or
server, music does not play and the music counter remains at zero.

I am running XP home edition, with SP2 - I have disabled the firewall as
well as adding the 9000 and 3483 ports.
Firmware versions is 39 and I'm using server 5.3.1.
Given the control seems to work between the unit and the server and I
did have music playing I don't think this is the problem.

Also I can successfully stream to Windows Media Server on the same box
as the server.

Any ideas?

Many thanks