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2012-08-04, 06:08
I used to listen to WZON out of Bangor, ME on my squeezebox. I can still listen to it on my NPR Radio. I can no longer listen to it through my Squeezebox. I get an audio error message that indicates that there isn't a compatible stream. It refers me to Tunein to see about getting a new stream. I can't seem to figure out whether I can actually do anything or not.

Is there a specific method to getting a feed onto my squeezebox? I haven't been able to discover a URL for the feed, so any suggestions would be helpful!


2012-08-04, 06:13
WZON is an AAC stream and only the Touch & Radio players can play this type natively absent a local LMS server. All older SqueezeBox players cannot play this file type.
So I'm guessing you have an older model player and you are trying to use the MySqueezeBox.com server? i.e. Not running a local SqueezeBox/LMS server?
If you did run a local LMS server it would transcode (translate) that AAC stream into wma/mp3 which the older players can then play.

2012-08-04, 06:17
One of my radios is a Touch. I guess that means I don't know how to bring it up on the radio. I use iPad apps to control the radio, but obviously there must be another way to do it.

Thanks in advance.

2012-08-04, 06:28
Sure it is the actual model name "Radio" and not the Boom model (which is a WiFi radio)?
Radio has a single speaker & a color LCD display. Boom has stereo speakers and has a green VFD screen.

On either player and/or MySB.com web UI and/or iPeng, go to Internet Radio > Search > WZON, enter
The results will not play on the older Boom model if connected to MySB.com

2012-08-04, 06:35
I have a Squeezebox Touch and a Squeezebox Radio, both connected through Mysqueezebox.com. When I search using the Squeezebox web remote, I get the message about the stream not being playable. I just used iPeng to do the search and got the stream, so I think I'm good. I also was searching using the Squeezebox app for iPad and was getting the error message, but I think things have been solved.

Thanks for your help!!!