View Full Version : iPhone App Keeps Demanding mysqueezebox.com Email Address and Password

2012-08-01, 10:42
I'm running Logitech Media Server 7.7.2 on a Synology DS212J NAS. I'm using the Squeezebox app on my iPhone 4S to control my Squeezebox Touch. Every time I launch the app it prompts me for my email address and password for mysqueezebox.com. I can't use the app unless I log in. It doesn't even offer to save this information or autofill in my email address, so every time I have to stop and type it all in.

I have tried the "ignore server" option in the app's settings but that didn't change this annoying behavior on start-up. I do not have security enabled on my NAS's LMS settings. I also turned off the mysqueezebox.com integration / sync option in LMS. Yet I still cannot figure out how to defeat this login requirement.

[Update: I deleted and reinstalled the app and (again) selected the "ignore server" option that eventually showed up. (It did not appear until I launched the app several times.) Now I can close and launch the app without having to log in. I'm just hoping this continues to work properly.]

Thanks for any help!


2012-08-01, 12:03
Does it actually work after you entered the credentials?

I don't know what the reason is (probably an issue with keeping the App's self-generated ID) but I've heard this before, seems to be a bug that affects some users.

2012-08-01, 13:47
Thanks, Pippin. Yes, it is now working fine, and is no longer demanding my credentials. I am keeping my fingers crossed. (Even when it was demanding my credentials, it would work properly after I entered them.)

I'm at least glad to know that this is not the normal behavior. That would have been a deal-breaker for me, since we have a houseful of people trying to use the app and they'd have blamed me for that annoying habit. :(