View Full Version : Some scratch sounds at the end of a mp3 stream (over http)

2012-07-31, 01:42
I've noticed that when I play some mp3 over http (ex: http:// server : port / zic / music.mp3 ) ... sometimes, at the end of the file, my SBRadio produce some big noise, like scratch sounds, at higher volume. It's really anoying and disturbing !!!

If I take the original file, or download it thru a browser, the file is nice ... I can hear it thru a mp3player. And with audacity, I can't see something wrong at the end of the mp3. If I play the same file thru my SB collection, it's nice too.

I've made a lot of tests. And I can be sure that it's not a MP3 problem, and it's not a http server problem.
I've tested the "proxy mode" and the "direct mode" (SBS Config for my sbradio) : same problem !

I really need help to isolate this trouble. And I really think that's a decoding trouble (in SBS or in SBradio). How can I find & correct this ?

Got my home-made NAS under ubuntu 12.04 with SBS 7.7.2 (latest official), and a SB Radio.

thanks for reading this

2012-08-03, 06:33
up ;-)

Is it possible to read/activate a log on the faulty device ? to understand what's happening ...
I can't reach to find where the problem is ;-(