View Full Version : Removing Tracks From Now Playing Via Remote

Michael Sigalos
2004-11-05, 13:17
I've added Bug 652 to the database. Please vote for it if you agree this
would be a useful improvement to the Player UI.


> I think the process of removing tracks from Now Playing by using the
> remote could be improved a bit. The removal of the track is simple
> enough... scroll to the track in Now Playing and press the ADD button
> and BAM!, the track is gone. That's great. What I find bothersome
> about the process is that the "pointer" (for lack of a better word)
> moves back to the beginning of the Now Playing list instead of moving
> to the next (or previous) track. This becomes very frustrating when
> the number of tracks in Now Playing is large as you have to rescroll
> past all the "keeper" tracks to get back to the point you were at prior
> to the removal.