View Full Version : LMS 7.7.2 stuck on "starting" - yet still runs

2012-07-13, 09:31
This problem is driving me insane (more or less).

I am running Logitech Media Server 7.7.2 on a Mac Mini. It starts and stops fine after first install. However, after doing some changes to the plug-ins pages, including installing the 3rd party Spotify plug-in, things start to get messy.

First of all, LMS will *always* get stuck on "server starting up" in the OS X Control panel after doing these changes. Yet, the server is still running ...

This, though, means I can't stop the server (because the "start server" button is greyed out because the server is "starting"), which is in itself annoying.

Any ideas what's causing this? Where are the log files located where I might look for solutions?