View Full Version : Can squeezebox server receive songs from controllers?

2012-07-08, 20:55
As a recent convert to the squeezebox way, I'm wondering why I didn't find it sooner. I'm really liking the way multiple ios/android clients can cue up tunes, which is great for barbecues etc. What would be really cool is if there were a way all of these devices were able to also submit tunes they held locally to the playlist - anyone know if this can be done?


2012-07-09, 01:08
Unfortunately not. The server doesn't really have a way to receive them.

2012-07-09, 08:57
You can send files directly to the Touch (not sure about others as I only have touches). As upnp or dlna or whatever it's called. It doesn't add files to the current playlist, just creates a new one. Probably not much use to you, but I can definitely send individual songs held on my android devices to my touch.

2012-07-09, 08:59
Yes, that's true, I always forget about the "play to" feature of DLAN-Servers. But You'd have to have a DLNA server and control point on the device itself.

2012-07-09, 09:08
I found quite a few apps that look like they'd do the job. I wasn't looking for to send music, I wanted to send Youtube to some other devices. I use Imediashare. The lite version will send music to my touches easily, but doesn't seem able to create a playlist. A more music based app might let you set up a playlist on the phone to stream to the squeezebox.