View Full Version : Screensaver When Squeezebox Is Off

Michael Sigalos
2004-11-05, 11:15

Yes, this is exactly what I am suggesting... a method to assign a
screensaver to the "off" state. This may (or may not) be a different from
the one used in the "play" or "on" state. Vidur had a nice suggestion, and
that would work for me, but I certainly would not want to change the way
current screensavers are implemented if users find those acceptable.

In effect, this would be a "new" feature but really just an assignment of
existing functionality to a new state. While I can't imagine this being
difficult to do since the bulk of the work has already been done (the
screensavers), I admittedly have no solid knowledge of the application
architecture and it might be a bigger request that I envision. Either way,
I suppose I need to file a request in Bugzilla for any official
consideration, eh?


On Fri, Nov 5, 2004, Craig, James (IT) wrote...

> I think what is being asked for is the option to change the display
> when the player is powered off (not inactive).
> At the moment the only thing you can display is the date & time - why
> not any of the screensaver plugins?
> (I can't see a way to configure any other 'off' display?)
> James