View Full Version : Duet Tempermental again...

2012-06-30, 18:45
...this is my least fav product ever. I regreat the day I got one.

Now, again, it refuses to connect to the server. Every time I end up in the "try again" screen. Every other device in the house (several SB3s, Booms, Radio and Touch) are very happily connected to the server (7.7.2). The Duet has gone crazy, yet again. Ugh. A factory reset awaits, and then again the stupid need to reconfigure it to my preferences...

2012-06-30, 22:01
Do the factory reset on the receiver. I recently had a issue with one of my receivers where it would go as far as getting the blue LED (it has a IP on my network but wouldn't connect to my server). Ended up having to use UDAP to fix it, but it's been good since then.

2012-06-30, 22:29
I did the factory reset, and of course it worked (as I knew it would). This happens about 2-3 times a year with the Duet. I will probably put it on Ebay in the next few weeks, I have a spare multipurpose SB3 that I will use for bedroom duty.

2012-07-01, 03:34
Got the blue light on mine yesterday after rebooting it, as it happens.

Rebooting my router seemed to fix the problem as I noticed some of my other devices connected via wifi were also behaving strangely and this fixed their issues too ...

2012-07-01, 07:21
I seemed to always have these intermittent connection problems, and also assumed it was the Duet. A few weeks ago the router itself gave out completely, and I had to replace it. The Duet has performed flawlessly ever since. I have to wonder whether the router was marginally flaky all along, and the Duet was sensitive enough to "care", given that it was older technology. Whatever the case, it's nice to have everything working the way it should!

2012-07-01, 22:26
Since no other device has ever complained about the wireless routers (and I have had 3 different ones since the Duet was called into duty), no, it is the Duet, not the wireless access point. No other device has ever had connectivity issues, and, as I stated, nor have the many other Squeze devices I have. Only the Duet.

2012-07-02, 06:06
That's what I figured here, too, having had the same experience. With the Boom and Controller never having problems and with five other wireless devices not complaining about connectivity, "it had to be the Duet". But replacing the router has made the Duet as reliable as everything else, even reconnecting immediately after several recent power losses, which it never did before.

However, I'm not saying the Duet is not at fault. I'm assuming it's more susceptible to poor signal, reflections, who knows what. All I know that whatever it didn't like was probably present in the old router and not in the new one. So even if it's not as robust as other Squeezebox products (and that may be part of the reason they discontinued it), there is hope that changing out the router can fix the problem.