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Andrew Lucas
2004-11-05, 08:38
Hello everyone....

Not trying to be annoying but I've looked at this again and everything I
check leads me to believe that slimserver is somehow latched onto one or two
shoutcast streams regardless that they are not actually being played and its
occupying all my ADSL line, be grateful if someone could advise if my
thinking is completely wrong here or if there is a possibility of this being


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I had some behaviour with Shoutcast and I was wondering if this is normal.

Basically I was having a look at the Shoutcast features on Sunday, being
quite impressed, then I turned off the squeezebox and didn't think any more
about it.

I realised last night that something last night was hogging my adsl line, it
didn't click straight away but it seemed to be related to that the
Schoutcast playlists existed at some point (even though they were not
actually being played).

I cleared the playlists (from two players), emptied the Shoutcast folder and
shut down the server but BW wasn't released.

I eventually rebooted the server which sorted it out. I don't believe I have
any other applications which would behave this way.

I havnt tried repeating this but is this to be expected? If so I shant be
listening to many audio streams...what a pain.