View Full Version : Logitech UE Air Speaker with iPeng ?

2012-06-27, 23:16
Has anyone tried the Logitech UE Air Speaker (http://www.logitech.com/en-us/speakers-audio/wireless-speakers/ue-air-speaker) together with iPeng with playback option ?

Kind of feels like Logitech UE Air Speaker + iPeng with playback theoretically could act as a Boom replacement, but have anyone tried if and how it works ?
If you have tried it, how is the audio quality compared to a Squeezebox Boom or Radio ?

It will of course get fairly expensive if you need to purchase both the speaker and the iOS device, but I've noticed that with Apple releasing new hardware every year I tend to get old iOS devices after a while which I don't use for anything useful.

Are there better iOS docking stations with speakers than Logitech UE Air Speaker which could be used the same way to accomplish a stereo Squeezebox with built in speakers ?
Maybe cheaper ones that accomplish similar or better audio quality than Logitech UE Air Speaker ?

Are there any similar good docking stations with speakers for Android that could accomplish the same with bluegaspode's SqueezePlayer app ?

2012-06-28, 00:16
A real docking station would have the advantage that sync works as well, whitch is not the case over AirPlay