View Full Version : Save mysqueezebox.com credentials in iOS app

2012-06-23, 03:08

I am trying to setup a iPad 2 to control our squeezebox network. However the squeezebox app always seems to prompt for mysqueezebox.com credentials whenever I restart the ipad. Is there some way to save those details so I don't have to enter it each time in the app. My email address and password are excessively long and not everybody in the family will remember it.

If not what would be an alternative solution to this problem?


Edit: 18/3/2013 - most recent app update has eliminated this problem

2012-06-23, 03:54
There is no known trouble with the paid Apps regarding the MySB.com password.

I don't know how to fix it for the free version, but several people seem to report the same problem via AppStore comments.

2012-06-23, 04:15
Agree with bluegaspode.

The problem here is that the Apps themselves (all of them, Logitech's, iPeng, SqueezePad) don't really store or even process the credentials but that MySB is supposed to remember the device.
I suspect that in the cases where this fails the Logi App either creates a new device ID every time it starts or creates one that for some reason can't be stored on MySB. May somehow be related to security settings on iPad.

iPeng and SqueezePad both use the device ID itself so that it's
a) remembered correctly and
b) it even works across both Apps (if you switch between them both will be identified correctly by MySB).