View Full Version : two problems with 5.3.1

Chris Kantarjiev
2004-11-04, 10:53

I've been off discuss (and away from my SBox) for a while, so this
might be old news. I upgraded from 5.1.1 to 5.3.1 yesterday. 802.11
performance is much better, thanks! I was able to tweak the
receiver antenna such that I don't get dropouts any more...

But I ran into one problem:

When browsing to add an album to the currently playing playlist, the
order of the playlist gets screwed up. The first level effect
is to add the album after the currently playing song, or maybe
album - I couldn't quite tell. It certainly didn't go at the end,
which is what I was expecting (and I'm sure 5.1.1 used to do).

Known bug? Fixed yet?