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2012-06-16, 07:50
Recently my SB3 failed to boot - no display but optical connection glowed. A common reason is the WLAN card has either become loose has failed.

So I removed the wireless card and then found SB3 would boot up. Reseating the WLAN card still resulted in no boot so thew WLAN card had clearly failed so I had to look for a replacment.

Searching threads it seems the supplied WLAN card is either model no WLANTPBG or WLANTPBG v2. Both cards are very similar in appearance. One of them is a TP-Link TL-WN560G OEM which has an Atheros ar2413 chip. In a forum post Slimdevices said the wireless card were changed somewhere between SB2 and SB3 and the chips from AR2413 to AR5212.

I couldn't find anyone selling individual TP-Link Tl-WN560G and another forum post said that "updated " version the WN360G did not work so I had to find an alternative.

It is clear the supplied WLAN is an OEM card in which case it would have been sold to other equipment suppliers so I looked for Atheros ar2413 cards whose physical layout/appearance looked very similar to the WN560G card ( http://www.tp-link.eu/pic_zoom.php?hash=05483&id=1 ) and similar spec (i.e. only 54Mbs 802.11b/g and no SuperG, no a/b/g, no 108Mbps). Similar OEMed cards also seem to be made by Askey Computer Corp. The following site has a large selection of WLAN cards and photos. http://www.pchub.com/uph/category/279-0-0-1-0/Wireless-LAN-Card.html?ps=100&type=0 .

I found a Packard Bell card 17-000660 looked similar (although missing a chip on Top LHS) and found one for sale on ebay for 6 euro and it worked when installed in my Sb3 although the wireless reception is a little poorer.

Googling "wireless 17-000660" I found this card is used by Packard Bell and Toshiba. I think the sister card 17-000661 might not be suitable as it uses ar2514 and is a 108Mbps card.

Other cards that I think which might work in a SB player include

Packard Bell 17-000660
Toshiba 17-000660
Sparklan WMIA-165G
Compex WLM54G 6AA1300 (although this has higher power output which might be a problem for player power supply)

It is also possible that this OEMed card has been used in some Sony and Fujitsu/Siemens laptops.

As a WLAN card is used in SB3, SB3, SB Classic, Transporter, Boom and SB Receiver - I think it would be helpful if other users could post their success/failure with replacement WLAN cards.

2012-06-18, 16:47
I bought a used sb2, wired only, and opened it up to find a slot just waiting for a wireless card. So I bought one and some antennas and it worked, and continues to work, just fine.

All I can retrieve easily is this description of the card, from my ebay purchase history:

"TL-WN560G MiniPCI Mini PCI WiFi 802.11b/g adapter"

I don't know that this helps SB3 owners, but perhaps this card, if found, would work there as well.

Tom S.

Clive B
2015-05-14, 09:57
I too had an apparent total failure of my SB3 (Slim Devices). Removing the wireless card brought it back to life so following the advice in this thread trawled eBay for any card with AR5BMB5 in the description. The following Sony Vaio card came up and worked:

Sony Vaio VGN-FS515H Internal WLAN WIFI Wireless Card Board 178901432 AR5BMB5

Thanks to the contributors to this forum I fixed my apparently dead SB3 for 1.50! Many thanks all.