View Full Version : Logitech Announces Job Cuts

2012-06-08, 09:14
I hope this doesn't affect the Squeezebox family? -> http://www.channelregister.co.uk/2012/06/08/logitech_job_cuts/

I wish the management would give some clear indication of the direction for this product and brand....got me stuck in a holding pattern as I don't want to invest more time and money in a declining product.

2012-06-08, 12:15
IF you read other treads on this forum you see that logitech actually looking for new people for the "squeezebox department" or what they call it :)

And it is their clear policy since the slimdevices days to never give away any info re future products untill they launch .
So you have to look at these products as the stand now and decide :) historically they are long term supported if you have an 10y old slimp3 you can still use with the latest server software .
People have SB2 from 2005 ? something connected to mysqueezebox.com

You know companies for there reputation and economy it is not possible to gurantee that "we will exist and do this at least 10y in the future" with the holding pattern attitude you can never buy anything .

..And what if an yet unknown competitor suddenly invents something that is way better than both squeezeboxes or sonos ;) then most product lines in the streaming business would cease to exist or be radically redesigned .

So imo the squeezebox products are of reasonable quality and will at least work as they do today for years in the future

2012-06-08, 18:15
Whay MNYB said is true. If you are afraid of products being out of date/obsolete then do not buy anything and you will never have an issue. There is only one guarantee and that is that we all will ultimately be fertilizer. Enjoy the Squeeze products while you can and keep in mind that the software will work even if the product line goes away. Let's have a more positive outlook !