View Full Version : G4TechTV gives us a poor Sound Quality review?

Russell Mulcahy
2004-11-04, 00:30
Yes, entirely at cross purposes and entirely my fault.

I do indeed have a PC with Windows XP Media Centre edition. I now realise
that I don't know what WMC is. Is this the extender protocol?


Russell Mulcahy wrote:
> I run a Windows Media Centre server which (hold the flames!) is a nice
> of stuff.

Do you mean you have a PC with Windows XP Media Centre Edition?

> I still use Slimserver and Squeezebox for music because the
> hardware is good and because of the synchronisation.
> So for me, personally, streaming via WMC (I assume that this TLA is the
> as MCE ;-) would be really neat - if the synchronisation still worked.

WMC = Windows Media connect
MCE = Media Centre Edition

So, I think we may be talking about different things but, whilst I'm
clear what I mean, I'm not sure what you mean so I can't be sure!