View Full Version : BemusedBridge v0.2 - Bluetooth Control of Slimserver from your mobile phone

Jules Taplin
2004-06-14, 14:27
Hey folks.

Right. Good news (well... from my perspective at least).

I've just released an updated version of my Bemused Bridge application, which lets you browse, interact with playlists, and generally control your slimserver by your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. It's available from: http://www.mrtickle.org/

Basically - I believe that this release is largely feature-complete. The rest of the playlist functions are in, along with other niceties like powering squeezeboxes on and off, and selecting repeat modes and the like. And for my money... it's just what the doctor ordered for controlling the music if you're throwing a do at your place!

(for all those who gave me a hand working out how to extract the database from the slimserver - this release is NOT doing any of that - simply reading the filesystem. I'll try to get back and try this another way later... but for now... it's dead quick, and that's what I really wanted)

Currently... it only supports running on a Linux platform, but it should be relatively easy to get to run on other platforms. Basically... if you can get a socket to open with the Bluetooth connection on it, it should be trivial. I don't own a Mac, or any Windoze PC with Bluetooth capabilities, so I'm unlikely to be making it available for those platforms...but I'd be happy to work with anybody who wants to take that on.

Equally - I could use a few bug reports about now - it looks to work OK to me, but the problem with testing your own code is that you tend to end up testing the bits you already know work well. So... if you've got (a) Linux, (b) Bluetooth and (c) An appropriate mobile phone... you could really help me out by giving it a go, and telling me how badly it blew up ;)

-- Jules