View Full Version : Fast forward/fast rew and AAC.

2004-11-03, 14:57
>1. The FLAC process (or whatever the transcoder is) wouldn't be around
>nearly as long. For example, if I walk up today and turn off my player
>(without hitting stop first), the FLAC process is left around - hanging
>indefinitely - until I turn my player on and hit "play" again. If you
>to a temporary file, the file could still be around, but the process would
>be long gone (kindler and gentler to machine resources in this way),

Jeff, I agree it is annoying (to me at least) to have the player pause
rather than stop on power off and hence leave the flac or other process
running. Indeed I have modified my version of the server to "stop" on power
off. Doesn't help the fast forward side of things, but I found it useful to
avoid restarting music mid track when I started up again - and has the added
gain of not leaving the stalled transcoding process when the player is
turned off.

Perhaps we could propose this be added to the slimserver code as an option.