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2012-05-25, 07:36
I have recently finished installing full cat5e around the house.

Looking for advice on the easiest way to move the majority of my devices (Boom, Receiver, Touch and Radio) onto the wired network. Do I need to fully reset each device and start again or is there a quicker way? Is there any disadvantage moving them onto a wired connection (apart from the obvious)?



2012-05-25, 07:43
you obviously have to redo the network setup .

Boom , hold the left arrow for a couple of seconds, you enter the firmware menu , here I think you can redo the network setup.

Touch has a network menu in the advanced settings it looks possible to just redo the network .
Similar on radio .

Reciever however with it's rather daft UI demands a reset to setup stage a short press until slowly flashes red , then you need your controller again ( or net::udap ).

There is a nerdier option on Touch and Radio , use ssh and edit the network files directly .

2012-05-25, 09:06
There is no disadvantage to using ethernet I can think of. Higher bandwidth and reduced latency should help when streaming flac files ("HD" files in particular) and when using sync.
Of course the server should be wired as well.

2012-05-25, 23:31
Thanks for the replies. Now I just need to decide exactly which devices I want wired.

I have never had any problems with the squeezebox wireless connections using a Dlink DWL-2000AP+ Which I now try and keep exclusive for Squeezebox devices.