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Tore Johnsson
2004-11-03, 00:59
I can add that I also have Dlink DI-713P.
I have all stations except Live365.

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Can I assume you can connect to Live365.com and listen to a station via
your web browser?

Having your PC in a "DMZ" shouldn't matter, as all the connections are
initiated from your side. I don't know anything about the D713P, but it
seems to me that if it were incompatible somehow you'd have more
noticable problems overall. I personally use a Zywall 10W without issues.

Who's your ISP?

I'm in the US, Denver area to be specific.


Roger Mitchell wrote:
> Sorry to drop one in here Jim, but did you get any more thoughts on what
> could be preventing me from connecting to Live365? I have now installed
> server on my wireless laptop as well and that wont connect either - same
> symptoms. The common denominator is my router which is a dlink d713p. I
> even tried to set up a DMZ for one of my PC's but that didn't help at all
> either. I'm pretty keen to get connected and take advantage of this great
> plugin. The only thing I can tell you is that error log shown "Error 6".
> further ideas I could try??
> Problem is, I'm in the UK, where are you? I suspect that we keep missing
> each other because of the time difference?
> Best regards
> Roger
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> Live365PreferredSongInformation
> Tore Johnsson wrote:
>>Is it possible to get Live365 for SPDIF in future?
> It sort of depends... this isn't strictly a Squeezebox/SlimServer problem,
> but that doesn't mean that we can't work around it.
> Live365 does have some streams that are encoded at a sample rate that's
> commonly implemented in S/PDIF hardware. The remaining streams are
> hard-encoded to that sample rate, so most digital inputs don't understand.
> Slimdevices has talked to Live365 about this, and the feedback that was
> shared with me was that Live365 didn't feel they could adapt their streams
> to support s/PDIF sample rates.
> There's disucssion about dynamically resampling Live365 and similar
> via LAME to support S/PDIF sample rates. This sounds a lot easier than it
> is, unfortunately. I've been experimenting and getting mixed results at
> best...
> Cheers,
> Jim
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>>Thanks Jim
>>At last
>>Some kind of solution.
>>I use SPDIF output and a DAC.
>>If I want to use this one, is there any possibility to change some
>>settings in Slimserver.
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>>Ämne: SV: [slim] Correction: 5.4 not using Live365
>>Tore Johnsson wrote:
>>>I am a bit confused.
>>>I have the normal login to Live 365 with username and password which I
>>>set in Server Settings - Plugins.
>>>I can see stations I SB but get no sound.
>>Are you using the digital or analog output from the Squeezebox?
>>There's a known issue with Live365 streams decoding to a bitrate
>>that's incompatible with S/PDIF. The internal DAC works fine, so
>>analog output is more compatible.
>>>I am wondering if I also should have VIP account for getting Live365
>>>to function.
>>I would hold off getting a VIP account at least until you can listen
>>to a free stream.
>>>Since I am living in Sweden could this cause any problem to get Live365?
>>It shouldn't.
>> Jim

2005-10-02, 06:42
Have you get your D-Link DI-713P router working fine with SB2 and Live365 ?
Any other issues with the router (and SB2) ?
Reason I'm asking is that I have the same router and would prefer to stick with it (for a while). Expecting my SB2 to arrive soon.