View Full Version : Classic 3 dead?

2012-05-14, 04:09
My Classic 3 appears to be pretty knackered. There is no display at all and the unit doesn't appear to be turning on? Ive changed the power supply and can see the optical light is flashing at the rear and can hear a v quiet clicking sound so the unit is getting some power. Ive tried holding 1 and + while turning on and nothing happens. Also took it apart and disconnected the wireless card with no effect. Anything else to try or other options? Or am I resigned to having to buy a Touch? Would Logitech help me out in any way?

2012-05-14, 04:17
I doubt Logitech would (or could) help with such an old unit. They stopped selling them years ago. If you prefer the SB3 over the Touch, check ebay. (Personally, I think the Touch is fine, although the SB3 does look a bit more stylish. It's the sound that counts most, isn't it?) ;)

You could try repairing the SB3 by going over all solder joints (particularly those connecting the power plug) with a soldering iron. It may be a long shot, but it won't cost you anything (provided you already own a soldering iron).