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2012-05-13, 19:23

I bought 2 duets without controller as I want to control them with my iphone.
I downloaded and run net UDAP to configure the devices from my laptop.
I connected my laptop and the duet with wire to my router and disactivated windows firewall on my laptop.
When I run the "discover" command, nothing happens.
I noticed also that the network light of the duet is orange. The front button is flashing red.
I have the same behaviour with both of them.
The only thing I tried on the duet is resetting it by pressing the front button for 6 secs.

Any clue what can be wrong and what I can do ?

2012-05-13, 21:51
When you press and hold the button on the receiver do you wait until it fast blinks red before you release the button? You should hold the button until it fast blinks, then release it, then it will drop back to a slower blink. You should be ethernet connected to the receiver from the router and also ethernet connected from the laptop. Then on the laptop start up UDAP. To avoid confusion I'd only try to do one receiver at a time. Don't know whether you want the receivers to be wireless or ethernet, so here's the instructions I have;

i. You will know you have the UDAP software started correctly when the prompt is UDAP>

Now it is time to program the Squeezebox.

2) First step for me is to reset the SB to factory defaults. Hold the front button until the red light flashes fast. (it will flash slow first)
3) Now you need to ďfindĒ the Squeezebox. In this case the SB should either be connected to your router via a Cat cable or directly to your PC via a Cat cable. To have your PC find the SB, type DISCOVER at the prompt.
a. It may not find it right away if you are quick so try again. You will know when it finds it since there will be a lot more text that pops up instead of the two lines that occur when it doesnít find it.
4) Once found you need to select which SB to configure. If you only have one on your network this will be easy, just type CONF 1
5) Type SET_INTERFACE=1 <enter>
6) SAVE_DATA <enter>
7) RESET <enter>

At this point the LED will turn blue. After it turns blue you will need to get the SB back into init mode which you do by holding the button until it slowly flashes red

Now we can configure your network:
8) type DISCOVER <enter>
9) type CONF 1 <enter>
10) type SET_SQUEEZECENTER_ADDRESS=111.222.333.444 <enter>
a. Donít use 111.222.333.444 but instead use the address from above you wrote down
11) Type SAVE_DATA <enter>
12) Type RESET <enter>

Now you can download Squeezecenter and it should then run it, it should find your SB automatically.

Here is a summary of the steps once in the UDAP:

1. Factory reset SBR
2. Start udap_shell.pl and run these commands:

conf 1
set interface=1

3. Wait until LED turns blue, then put the SBR back in init mode (LED flashing red slowly):

conf 1
set squeezecenter_address=<ip address>

* The LED should go white and the SBR should now be ready to use.
* If the LED flashes white rapidly, this is a firmware update.

Personally Iíd first do it wired to make sure that everything works okay and then onto wireless.

You will now have to go to a computer that is running your wireless network and goto the CMD prompt and type IPCONFIG again. Write down the settings from above, but now also include the wireless ones.

They will look something like this:
Wireless Network Connection 2:
IP: 111.222.333.444
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway: 444.555.666.1

Also go to your router software and write down your SSID name and wireless channel. My wireless channel was 8 which my router labels as US, perhaps yours is the same. If not substitute yours below for where I have written 8. For my SSID name I have chosen mySSID, replace with yours. Lastly you will need your WEP key as well. Replace all of the 6ís with your WEP key.

Once you have these settings the steps are similar to above.

*note the set command can have as many set commands after it as you want. I set everything on one line from set all the way through the address*

0) ****** See end of this doc for WJHome Settings **********

1) Run the UDAP shell
2) Type these commands
conf 1
set interface=0 lan_ip_mode=0 lan_gateway= lan_network_address=111.222.333.444 lan_subnet_mask= primary_dns=444.555.666.1 wireless_SSID=mySSID wireless_wep_on=1 wireless_keylen=1 wireless_mode=0 wireless_region_id=14 wireless_wep_key_0=66666666666666666666666666 wireless_channel=11 squeezecenter_address=111.222.333.444

If you are using the more secure WPA this method has been outlined. (I havenít tested it yet, but will later and update the thread)

WPA 1:

set wireless_SSID=MySSID wireless_mode=0 wireless_region_id=14 wireless_wpa_on=1 wireless_wpa_mode=1 wireless_wpa_psk="Top Secret!"


set wireless_SSID=MySSID wireless_mode=0 wireless_region_id=14 wireless_wpa_on=1 wireless_wpa_mode=2 wireless_wpa_cipher=3 wireless_wpa_psk="Top Secret!"

Here's my latest encounter with UDAP to get my receiver set up wireless with UDAP (I have a controller so this was just enough to let me finish with the controller):

And the Robin Bowes instructions here:

Between Logitech jkish & sic0048 I was able to get this working rather easily. Thanks guys!!

2012-05-14, 06:55
Thanks for your answers. I am sure it will help me down the road.
To be more precise on the isues I am facing:

1. On the Squeezebox.
I plug in power + ethernet cable into the SB. I press for 6 secs the front button until it flashes quickly. I pressed it again so it flashes slowly. However, the ethernet light remains orange.

2. on Net UDAP side:
When I type discover in the command prompt of net UDAP, it just does nothing, like it is not even searching. It returns me the UDAP prompt right away. However, I made sure that only my ethernet connection was active, wireless adapter disabled.
See below:

C:\Users\lillu\Desktop\NETUDAP\branches\1.1.x\scri pts>udap_shell.pl

UDAP> discover

UDAP> help
Type 'help command' for more detailed help on a command.
configure - configure a device
discover - Discover UDAP devices and get their current configuration
exit - Exit configure mode (if configuring a device), otherwise exit ap
fields - Display a list of valid device fields
help - prints this screen, or help on 'command'
list - List discovered devices, or a specific information about a devic
quit - Exit configure mode (if configuring a device), otherwise exit ap
reset - Reset a device
save_data - Save data parameters to device(s)
save_ip - Save ip parameters to device(s)
set - Set device parameter(s)

UDAP> discover

UDAP> discover

2012-05-14, 07:52
is this real ethernet cables ? not homeplugs or similar, otherwise you can try with a short cable conected directly to router

2012-05-14, 08:33
Once you have the front light flashing quickly and then release the button you should not have to press it again. It should fall back to the slow blink by itself without pressing the button again.

2012-05-16, 10:39
A common problem for many people using net-UDAP is that the PC (or laptop) you are using to configure the Receiver has to be in the same subnet as the Receiver itself. If the PC/laptop is already connected to a network and the internet then it will not work.

There is some kind of procedure that goes on when you reset the Receiver that uses an unusual IP for the Receiver and PC. Not sure how it works, but I always do the following:

1. Disconnect the PC from any router, switch or other network device, wired or wireless and turn off any wireless adapter. There is no need to use a router or switch, ideally you should connect the Receiver directly to the wired Ethernet port on the PC. Most laptops have a hardware wireless adpater on/off switch somewhere on the outside of the case.

2. On the PC, in the properties of the network adapter, remove any fixed IP address from the TCP/IP (V4) making sure it is obtaining its IP by DHCP (automatic)

3. Reboot the laptop or PC just to make sure the changes have stuck and that there is no network or internet connection.

4. With the Receiver switched off connect one end of a short Ethernet cable to the Receiver and the other to the network socket of the PC

5. Power on the Receiver and press and hold the front button until it flashes rapidly red

6. Wait until it turns to a slow flashing red light then launch the net-UDAP application.

7. Run the "discover" routine

Provided the Discover routine works you can proceed with making your commands.

Because it won't be possible to consult any web site while you are doing this (unless you are running a second PC for the purpose) it is a good idea to print all instructions out beforehand and have a good idea of the commands you will be uploading before you go through this procedure.

Of course, once you have a successfully configured Receiver don't forget to turn on the wireless adapter, reset any fixed IP address for the wired apapter and reconnect it to the Router and/or switch - but I am sure you realised that!

Good luck!

2012-05-16, 10:46
It should fine just being on the same network and subnet, I just stuck mine into the router and it worked no fuzzing with the pc i using the bash Shell on My ubuntu desktop .

And disable the firewall !! Completely ! otherwise it would not work at all .

2012-05-16, 10:50
I solved my problem by doing the following.

use the NET UDAP version 1.0 and not 1.1
launch the command line with an extra argument --local-address=<my laptop IP>.

from this point on, everything went fine using the examples of configurations provided.

thanks for your support.

2012-05-17, 02:29
I always use the Windows executable for net-UDAP available here:

This is much more straightforward for those of us with Windows machines as it does not require the pre-installation of Perl. Launch the exe and you are straight into a command line window.

I always run it from my laptop which has a hardware wireless switch. I just boot it up with the wireless off, connect it with Ethernet cable to the Receiver, power up and reset the receiver and run the exe. Works a treat.