View Full Version : Wanted: SliMP3 or Squeezebox with damaged output

Ken Stuart
2004-11-01, 10:42

In my bedroom, I listen to Internet Radio on a relatively high quality
clock-radio that does not have an aux input. So, I use an FM
transmitter (Crane) from my PC sound card.

What I am missing in this setup is a) control, and b) Now Playing
information. A SliMP3 or Squeezebox would give me both of these - I
would simply synchronize it with SoftSqueeze on the PC.

However, I then would not be using the hardware output at all !

So, I am looking for a SliMP3 or Squeezebox that has a broken audio
output (and is thus useless to everyone else). Presumably this would
be available at significant discount. :)

Naturally, I am assuming that Slim Devices would be much more likely
than anyone to have such a thing - probably a warranty return, or else
a unit damaged in testing.

Please email me if you have such a unit that you would be willing to
sell at a discount.