View Full Version : Squeezebox Classics?

2012-05-02, 05:42
I want to expand my current Squeeze system (3 duet receivers + 1 boom) into more rooms in the house. I was thinking of buying more used receivers, which seem to work just fine, or maybe some used squeezebox "classics" (the ones with the LED panel on the front). Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on compatability of these older devices with newer versions of LMS? Is there any reason I shoudl shell out more money for the Radio or Touch? They seem quite expensive and since we mostly control the system from the web interface or iPeng, I dont see the point.

Any advice would be appreciated.

2012-05-02, 05:49
If you don't have need to take advantage of the Touch/Radio benefits then you certainly do not need them.
The SB3/Classic is essentially based on the same player design of your Duet Receiver's and all are still fully supported via the LMS server program.
The SB3/Classic uses a VFD display, not LED.

2012-05-02, 06:03
Agreed that the SB3 (or "Classic") is fully compatible with the current LMS server software. My SB3 and SB2s get at least as much as my Touch and Radio.

Do note that there may be some minor incompatibilities. For example, if you use Spotify then the official Spotify app from Logitech only supports the Touch and Radio. However, you can still listen to Spotify on an older SB such as the Classic by using Triode's unofficial Spotify plugin.