View Full Version : CAUTION - Virus in the mails from slim devices discussion ?

Tore Johnsson
2004-11-01, 08:57
I have got my mail to discuss from slim devices in 2 versions, I normally
get one.

One is without any files sent in the mail

The other one sent with files in the mail. This has information:

Received: from windermere.tfnet.ca (ns2.torfree.net [])

by lists.slimdevices.com (8.12.9/8.12.6) with ESMTP id

for <discuss (AT) lists (DOT) slimdevices.com>;

Since there is a virus which sends mails including viruses from wellknown
mailadresses, I have a question about this.

Could this be such a one?



Bruce Tucker
2004-11-01, 10:00
I just tried to play a windows media stream, and found something odd. The
stream plays normally with Softsqueeze, but on my SlimP3 it plays static.
When syncronized, the Softsqueeze plays static too. Any ideas on what is
the problem.
I've attached the link in a m3u file in case someone wants to test this for