View Full Version : Trouble with Rhapsody

2012-04-20, 18:22
I have been unable to stream my Play Lists on my Rhapsody account. It started about four o'clock today. I was able to add and stream a new album but since then I can't add them to the now playing window. I can stream other content from Rhapsody like radio and other selections but not my playlists. Anybody have an idea what's going on?

2012-04-21, 11:54
Yeah, I'm having a problem, too. I get a very quick "503 Service unavailable" message that flashes up (using iPeng, so I see this on the iPad) if I try to access anything on Rhapsody.

Seems like something is fubar'd.....I checked in the Rhapsody help section on their website, but there is nothing recent in the posts there that would indicate a general issue. Are you still having the problem today, Tex?

Anybody else???

2012-04-21, 14:51
Hi rgro

I am using the web interface and I can always access Rhapsody but my play lists are on again off again. They weren't streaming this morning, and just about an hour ago, but they are working fine now. And if I link them to my favorites they definitely won't stream from that folder. But I am able to access other the other areas of My Library like albums or new music. Rhapsody went down for a scheduled maintenance Thursday night and I suspect this maybe a result of that. I may submit a trouble ticket with Logitech but wanted to be sure it wasn't just me...

2012-04-21, 15:26
Yep, seems to be working now for me, too.