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2004-10-31, 09:08
Actually each softsqueeze is its own player with its own stream, this guy
seems to want one multicast stream, maybe for bandwidth or server capacity
issues. In any event multicast is not supported.

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You can cdertainly do this with softsqueeze and the latest java (I think).
I have my squeezebox and a softsqueeze session syncronized, although it
could be off as I am often asked by my wife while she's at home to load
different playlists while I'm at work. I've found the while I can do it
with the plain old web interface, doing so with softsqueeze has been fairly
easy. For all I know, they could be unsyncronized by more than 5 minutes...


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I take it as no one has replied to my email that no one is doing this ..
and nor is it possible.

Ho yin

At 08:59 29/10/2004, you wrote:
>I am running slimserver in my office.
>Works well.
>However I have many computers with speakers and I want the same stream
>be streamed to every computer.
>Currently in slimserver it is streaming different sources to each
>computer/ip address
>Is there a way to get a single stream?
>Ho yin