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2004-10-31, 07:58
You can cdertainly do this with softsqueeze and the latest
java (I think). I have my squeezebox and a softsqueeze
session syncronized, although it could be off as I am often
asked by my wife while she's at home to load different playlists
while I'm at work. I've found the while I can do it with the
plain old web interface, doing so with softsqueeze has been
fairly easy. For all I know, they could be unsyncronized
by more than 5 minutes...


>>> yahoogroups (AT) hoyin (DOT) co.uk 10/31/2004 6:57:11 AM >>>
I take it as no one has replied to my email that no one is doing this
and nor is it possible.

Ho yin

At 08:59 29/10/2004, you wrote:
>I am running slimserver in my office.
>Works well.
>However I have many computers with speakers and I want the same stream
>be streamed to every computer.
>Currently in slimserver it is streaming different sources to each
>computer/ip address
>Is there a way to get a single stream?
>Ho yin