View Full Version : Slacker not working at all now

2012-04-14, 13:08
I've been having the problem with Slacker stopping after a couple songs for a few weeks, but since last night it's not playing anything. I'm just getting the error message "Unable to retrieve next track, press PLAY to retry- error code 500". Pressing play doesn't work. Support said the engineers are working on it but don't know what the problem is yet. Hopefully it will be fixed soon!

2012-04-14, 14:45
Slacker came back up an hour ago-- after being DOA for 19 hours or so.

2012-04-15, 11:34
Yup, it's back up, but I still don't get more than a couple of songs in on my Boom and it gives me the error message. Luckily, I've got Last.fm, Pandora and internet stations in my favorites to listen to, as well. But Slacker's the only one with decent depth and breadth of the Scandinavian music I like...

2012-04-16, 06:43
The issues experienced with Slacker were on Slacker's end. They had an outage that started Friday afternoon with a major weather storm. It should all be back up and running now though.