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2012-04-11, 15:28
Hello !

Since a few days I have problems with mySqueezebox.com and today I have more problems :

music stops playing (stop symbol on the screen). If i just change the volume level music starts playing again
information on the screen are the one of the previous radio I have heard : no update
Radio come back to Home menu itself while playing
If I power cycle my Radio I have the red wifi Icon for minutes.

On my 2 Radio
My Boom is fine
My internet/wifi is OK
In France

DO you have his too ?

2012-04-11, 16:55
Hi there - just checked now in the UK and it seems OK.

Do you still have the same problem or has it been fixed?

2012-04-11, 23:26

yes I have theses problems again this morning :
on my 2 Radio I have to change volume level for the radio to keep on plyaing
my 2 Radio come back to Home menu alone

It get worst since yesterday, radio keep playing 20-30 min max befaore stopping.


2012-04-13, 13:20
Today : need to reboot my Radio to have the right information on the display (it was the information from the previous radio I was listening).
When music stops, need to press play, changing volume level did nothing (vs previous days)

Am I the only one to have these issues last days ?

Thank you.

2012-04-13, 22:00
Wifi ? Internet conection ?

2012-04-14, 04:52
Of course my internet connection is ok !

Please note :

when music stops I have the stop symbol in the bottom left of the display (and my device often go back to main menu)
I change to volume level, musci re-starts
the stop symbol stay on the display insted of the play symbol

There is a problem with mySB.om, perhaps since last fw update.

What is strange is that no one have it.
Anyone in Europe here ?

Thank you.

2012-04-14, 05:02
Try a factory reset of the radio now and then they might need it after a couple of upgrades, even if the upgrade itself is ok

2012-04-14, 05:15
I have written a summary with the problems I encounter for Logitech :

Here are the problems I have since last days with my SB.com wth may radio and Touch In France :

Music stops playing (stop symbol on the screen) and Radio come back to Home menu itself
If i just change the volume level or presse on any buttons on the device music starts playing again but stop symbol stay on display
information on the screen are the one of the previous radio I have heard : no update
On my 2 Radio and Touch
My Boom is fine
My internet/wifi is OK (of course I have checked it : other devices are working fine)

Is someone in Europe, using mySB.com has this too ?

Thank you.

2012-04-14, 14:31
I have this issue on my 2 Radio and on my Touch.
FRiends have it too.

It seems it came with last update of the fw.

2012-04-15, 08:41
Last 2 days while listening to Absolute Radio my Squeezebox radio stops playing after about 10-15 minutes. If I hit a preset button, it starts playing immediately from where it left off. Ten minutes later, it stops again. No indication that I have lost internet or any other problems.

2012-04-15, 09:28
That's exactly my problem, I have it too with other radios.
And yes, if we press any other buttons previous radio restarts...

Thank you (I am not alone !)