View Full Version : Problem with RSS Podcast subscription with lots of podcasts.

2012-04-10, 02:44
I use the podcast app to subscribe to a number of RSS feeds. One feed has developed an issue. For some reason the app no longer lists podcasts on this particular feed after number 373. All the earlier podcasts are working fine but new ones don't even show in the list. the RSS feed is :http://www.howstuffworks.com/podcasts/stuff-you-missed-in-history-class.rss

Has anyone else seen this?

many thanks


2012-04-10, 03:41
It loads 396 items for me and plays the 396th item (Ghengis Khan).

Did you try to restart LMS - perhaps a memory issue especially if on a NAS ?

2012-04-11, 22:25
I've had the same issue for awhile and this is what brought me here.

Mine are how stuff works podcasts also. When I go to remote player in my squeezebox.comout has the correct list with recent episodes. But from my boom or squeeze iphone app they are older ones.

Other podcasts seem ok but could be episode limit.

2012-04-12, 14:32
Glad it's not just me. But it's very annoying. I've restarted the whole server with no change. Interesting that the number ov episodes varies. When it first happened I could access them via mediafly (fiddly but possible) but that's gone now.

2012-04-16, 08:41
I can now play the recent episodes by going into the radio and searching for "Stuff you missed" its the last few episodes but it's better than nothing. shape the podcast app doesn't work tho.