View Full Version : go to logitech.com

2012-04-08, 14:55
From there, navigate to any useful information about the LOGITECH MEDIA SERVER without Search.

I dare you.


2012-04-08, 18:44
Why is that surprising? They don't sell Logitech Media Server. See if you can navigate to any useful information about Logitech Mouseware.

2012-04-09, 11:09
I must have missed the problem. Going to Logitech.com you can easily get to all kinds of info on Squeezebox Server without doing a search. I take the route of going to support for my Squeezebox product (in my case Squeezebox Duet). The site then takes me to a page with a bunch of FAQ links to Squeezebox Server and a download link to "installation software". This page provides the download for "Logitech Media Server". From the prior FAQ page I can also download the PDF's for my product which refers me to this forum. On this forum I can get some history on the Squeezebox / Slim devices and pretty easily figure out that LMS is the current abbreviation of the product that started out as SlimServer. I would guess that most anybody that want info on LMS would start from their product that uses LMS. I don't think that they would realize that all the Squeezebox products really use the same server product until they get to these forums and get into the history of the Squeeze products.