View Full Version : Experimental new service: Record any AM/FM radio shows and listen on demand

2012-04-06, 13:56
Here's a way to listen to almost any radio AM/FM/Net radio show on demand on a Squeezebox.

1) Go to http://DAR.fm and search for shows to record. There's a database of about 20,000 shows and 5,000 stations to record from. If you record a show then all future broadcasts will be recorded automatically for you.
(If you don't see the station you desire, you can add it using the "Change the Guide" link at the bottom of the page if you have a MP3 or AAC stream.)

2) Add the MP3tunes app from mysqueezebox.com

3) Go to Playlists in the MP3tunes app and look for items with DAR prefix. Here it will list all the recorded shows which you can click to play.

A few other points/tips:

- DAR.fm is a free service to record any one series (all shows that are broadcast of any given show). To record up to 10 shows costs $40/year.
- If you have a MP3tunes account you can use that account info on DAR.fm.
- If you paid for a premium MP3tunes account then you'll automatically have a Pro DAR.fm account and be able to record up to 10 different shows.
- Shows are automatically chunked into 15 minutes chunks so clicking FF or Rewind will move 15 minutes.
- To fast-forward in smaller increments click and hold the FF button while the show is playing until a progress bar appears. Then click the FF again and hold down to navigate to the desired location.

If you have any issues or feedback please email me or post here.