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Chris Matus
2004-10-29, 06:44
Thanks. That was it!

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Are you running the Slimserver on Linux? I had the same problem here,
and had to chmod the playlist directory to allow write access by the
"slimserver" user.

>>> ctm (AT) sprynet (DOT) com 10/28/04 19:22:51 >>>

I'm having a weird problem trying to save playlists with my SliMP3.
Whenever I try to save, I get the following error message:

*Note:* The name you chose is already taken. Please choose another name

for your playlist, or check 'confirm overwrite' to replace your

There are no playlists saved yet, so obviously the name hasen't been
used. I am running the latest version of firmware and slimserver.

Please help, this is driving me nuts!