View Full Version : FYI on wireless interference

Jeff Allison
2004-10-28, 17:03
This is just an FYI for folks who might be experiencing wireless network interference from their microwave or 2.4Ghz phone. I had both. When the microwave was on, the Squeezebox would stop. Usually it would restart when the microwave went off, but sometimes it got confused.

For a variety of reasons I replaced my old Linksys wireless access point with an SMC Networks 2804WBRP-G <http://www.smc.com/index.cfm?sec=Products&pg=Product-Details&prod=318&site=c> Now I have no problem running the Squeezebox with the microwave on. It was an unexpected benefit, but a nice one.

So if you're having interference problems, a new WAP might be the answer. I have no idea if the SMC ones are better at this than other manufacturers, but the one I got works well.

- Jeff