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Craig, James (IT)
2004-10-28, 02:10
The iTunes playlists are stored in the iTunes xml library file, and if
the SlimServer is configured correctly it will read this and make the
playlists available under the 'Playlists' menu.
If you can see no iTunes playlists in SlimServer at all my guess would
be your SlimServer is not correctly configured, as you should see the
default ones, e.g. Party Shuffle, My Top Rated etc. (unless you've
deleted/disabled them).

However, even if correctly configured, there are some bugs in the
current release version (5.3.1) that I believe stop SlimServer from
checking the iTunes database regularly and seeing any new playlists you
may have created since it first checked.

Until 5.4 is officially released you need to manually trigger an iTunes
rescan by using the 'Rescan' button in Server Settings.

Hope that helps!


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Hey, new to the discussion forums. I got the ITunes plugin, but is
there anyway to some how use the playlists I make in ITunes? I create
them inside ITunes but I have no idea what folder they are stored in a
search for a playlist turned up nothing. Any solutions?

Thanks in advance.