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2012-03-19, 02:52

For 2 weeks now I have the Asus Transformer Prime Tablet (android).
Id like to use it to manage my different Logitech players: boom, duet and WLAN radio.
I found an android app in googles play/app store. When I installed it I had an issue that my duet + controller did not work anymore and my squeezecenter software on my NAS (ReadyNAS) stopped working.
Im not sure if that happened by coincidence.

The android app asked me for my mySqueezbox.com user/password. Usually, I do not use mySqueezebox but the Logitech server on my NAS.

. can I use the Logitech android app to manage my players with my NAS only?
. may there be another Logitech android app to steer my players similar to the SqueezePlay software?

Thanks for any guidance.
Cheers, bj.

2012-03-19, 03:18
> . can I use the Logitech android app to manage my players with my NAS
> only?


> . may there be another Logitech android app to steer my players similar
> to the “SqueezePlay” software?

I don't understand what you want here? What are you missing from the
controller app?



2012-03-19, 10:06
. can I use the Logitech android app to manage my players with my NAS only?

Which version of Squeezebox Server/Logitech Media Server is running on the NAS ? If it's an older version, maybe that can be the issue ?
If you open the web interface and goto Settings/Information, you will find the version number.

Generally it shouldn't matter if you have Squeezebox Server/Logitech Media Server on a NAS or computer, I'm running it on a computer and for me the Logitech app works.

2012-03-20, 09:51

I've encountered a few situations where the app would lose connection to
the server (eg. server restart) and not re-connect. Sometimes I was able
to select a different server, than back to the first one. But in some
cases the app crashed too. Any way I can provide you with log output or
more debug information?



Did you post this in the wrong thread ?
Are you talking about Squeeze Display or are you talking about the Logitech Android App which this thread is about ?

If you are talking about Squeeze Display I'll try to run some tests, I've several servers setup so I can easily restart them to try it.

2012-03-20, 11:17
> Did you post this in the wrong thread ?

Heh... sure I did... Sorry for the confusion!



2012-03-23, 08:40
Hi there,

thanks for your input

I checked for the firmware, probably quite old, but I dont know which is the latest version. My version:
Squeezebox Server-Status: Version: 7.5.4 - r32171

I had the same problem with the android app in combination with squeezecenter. For whatever reason, neither player, nor controller were able to identify the duet.

I found a workaround by stopping and re-starting the squeezeserver on my NAS. Then it worked.

Should I update the firmware?

Cheers, bj

2012-03-28, 09:23
Hello logitech experts.

I now updated my readyNas firmware with file LogitechMediaServer_7.7.1-sparc-readynas.bin

I hope this is the latest version. Does anyone know?

However since the update non of my players work correctly. I was asked to logon to mySqueezebox.com and chose location of my music (on my NAS) and other things.

I stoppend and restarted the streaming service via my ReadyNas and currently re-boot the NAS.

Could there be an error with the update? I got the message it should have been fine.
Where can I actually see the latest firmware version?
Should I do a roll-back to the older firmware?

Any tips and guidance is highly appreciated :-)


2012-03-28, 09:53
FYI if you are on the European mySqueezebox.com server then it have had some downtime today. But appears to be up running again.

Besides that 7.7.2 was supposed to be released the other day but it appears that it is not quite out there yet