View Full Version : Squeezebox and Russound

2012-03-18, 16:27
If been using my duets without problems for many years now..
I recently purchased a Russound C-Series multizone system.
is there any way to make the two systems talk to each other so i can control and see squeezebox info on the russound keypads
- - -mo

2012-03-19, 03:55
I have a CAV6.6 house amp. At one point I set up IR for control but now just my phone's app for control. It's on my list but since the 6.6 is no longer being made, I pushed it to the bottom of the list.

2012-03-19, 17:29
I was really hoping to be able to get some feedback on the screen..seems like a waste with out it..

2012-03-19, 18:14
You can get two way control using this software interface. A few VortexBox users are using it successfully with their Russound systems.


2012-03-20, 13:16
I wrote the SqzRuss program mentioned above... It only works with the Russound CAV and CAM series controllers, not the newer C-Series controllers. Also, it only works with the character-based Squeezebox players (SB2, SB3, and Boom), not the Duet or Touch. Sorry, I don't have any of these newer devices to develop/test with!

The Lua source code is included in the zip file - any one is welcome to take the code and run with it if they'd care to.