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2012-03-14, 18:42
There appear to be two podcast players, and I don't understand why.

Player 1. configured on the server settings podcast tab. accessed on the web interface extra menu podcast entry. can't find it on the controller at all.

Player 2. configured as an app on mysqueezebox.com and accessed in the app menu on the controller or the web interface. works even when the player is connected to the server, even though changing mysqueezebox.com instantly changes the available list in the app.

Please explain.

2012-03-15, 01:01
Please explain.
Historical mainly.

I think the rationale is as follows.

The older plugin was superceded by a newer app which intended to make the transitions from mysb.com and a local LMS seamless.

Podcasts configured in the Podcast App on mysb.com are available to players regardless whether player is attached to mysb.com or a local LMS.

The older plugin was initially kept for compatibility with users who had podcast configured and who upgraded. IIRC The Podcast plugin is now disabled by default.

I think there are problems will happen if you enable the podcast plugn and have podcast app configured.

2012-03-19, 03:58
bpa is right.

I have not had any trouble since just using the mysb.com podcast utility. Works like a charm.