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Craig, James (IT)
2004-10-26, 09:57
I get this on my Squeezebox as well and have done for some time - about
3 seconds before the tracks change.


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Stephen Sweeney wrote:

>Vidur Apparao <vidur@...> writes:
>SoftSqueeze's Now Playing Info (track, time remaining, etc.) is out of
>with the music. Now Playing info advances to the next track
approximately 13
>seconds early, not a small amount. I never noticed this on the
>The testing setup is all local. SoftSqueeze running on the same box as
>(I too get the incorrect warning when starting SoftSqueeze that I'm
running an
>older server version, as reported by someone else.)

I get the same thing on my hardware Slimp3 (now playing advances to the
next song before the end of the current song). Perhaps this is not a
SoftSqueeze issue alone?